Deep In The Trenches – Radio Show by Dj Mercury Hosted by Mikey D

“Deep In The Trenches” is the Underground Hip Hop Radio Show by Dj Mercury (former Dj for Professor X of the world famous group, X Clan and currently Dj for Mikey D).

The concept of the show started in 2016 on the International Underground Rap & Hip Hop Connection and Dj Mercuy provided his fans with a show from such a great quality that the word was quickly spread into the Hip Hop movement.

“Deep In The Trenches” is now every Sundays on Chuck D Rap Station radio!! The show is hosted by the legendary Mikey D (Initially from L.A. Posse, Main Source).

Tun in on Sundays from 10:00 to 11:00 PM Est) on Rap Station [LINK]

Meanwhile check out the show from Sept. 11 2016 [Here]