dedicated mixshow


“Dedicated” Hip Hop vinyl radio mixshow. The most important show of the year is here. HELP KEEP REAL HIP HOP ON THE RADIO. WNUR’s 2017 phoneathon is in full swing. For the next 10 days you have chance to make a real difference by donating to the station. Either online at or on the phone at 847 866 9687 Stop complaining about the crap they call hip hop and support the people who have done more all vinyl radio shows than anyone in the world. Tomorrow Sunday February 26, we will be answering phones from 9pm-5am Monday morning. Anyone who donates $20 or more will not only get a premium gift (while supplies last) but will be able to make a request for next weeks show. The stations goal is $30,000 our goal for our show is $3,000. That is a small price for what we give you all year of nothing but 5 hour hip hop mixshows. Please “donate”, “share”, “tag”, “comment”. If you make a donation online please let us know your name so we can add you to our (request) show. If we reach our goal not only will we continue to stay on the air but we’ll do the request show next week. Now can I count on you? Please leave a comment if you got us. Than you can hit the like button. Twitter


For those who want to use paypal, dedicated has NONE!

So we feel dedicated to fix that!!

All donations will b forwarded to their creditcard, and a list of donators will handed over to them.

Support dedicated hiphop mixhow and donate!