Bugsy Da God “Camouflage Disciple” album review

It has been quite the year for the Napalm team this year in 2015. Releasing two solid projects that hit far above your ordinary hip hop albums, and both were received graciously by fans.

One of those releases was Bugsy Da God’s “Camouflage Disciple” on Halloween 2015. The album has a mixed production list that is filled with legendary producers that have worked with Wu Tang and Wu affiliates, such as 4th Disciple, Bronze Nazareth, Hellzwind, Falling Down, Endemic Emerald, Lord Beatjitzu, Havoc of Mobb Deep, Joey Trife, Jewels Polaar and Oskar Mike.

As if the production list isn’t enough itself to point this album in the right direction, it also is jammed packed with extensive features that compliment Bugsy’s lyrical ability along with the Napalm sound that they do so well to achieve. Here is some of the lineup.. Masta Killa of Wu-Tang, Prodigal Sunn, Shyheim, Afu-Ra, Killarmy, Big Noyd, Killah Priest, Polite, Islord, Trife Diesel, Leathafase, Timbo King, Tragedy Khadafi, Teraban and also appearing on a few tracks, the General of Napalm himself, Dom Pachino. This album has an authentic street feel to it.

The theme being that of hip hop warfare. Bugsy’s lyrical range stretches far with each line being delivered with ease, not to mention the beats were made to fit his delivery and style like a glove. It is very rare these days in hip hop that MC’s are able to recapture the spark and sound of classic albums or groups of the golden era, but “Camouflage Disciple” takes you there, while still making it clear of its own style and stamp of sound as well. This is Bugsy’s 2nd album, while releasing his debut album in 2011 titled “The Terrorist Advocate”. That album was well received by fans worldwide, and to some considered an underground classic.

There is no doubt in my mind that if you didn’t know the name “Bugsy Da God” before, you definitely will now. I would also venture to say that in 2016 we are gonna be hearing a lot more from the Napalm camp. You can find Bugsy’s “Camouflage Disciple” on Bandcamp.com or visit Napalm Recordings Facebook page to purchase more albums by Napalm artists. In my final thoughts, I would totally recommend this album to any real hip hop lover and also, it’s another must have in your collection for any true dedicated Wu fan.


Review written by Nicholas Misha Dabich aka MISH