Beautiful Me by Death Star

The 3rd solo project of former Forbidden Poetry crew comes Death Star with Beautiful ME, not a Mix-tape or EP or LP, just a Beautiful collection of songs, from the heart, some full of hatred, some full of questions, some are even just conversations with himself, this project is the first Death Star project where it isn’t just Hardcore/Horror-core, its songwriting, after starting this album on the day he relapsed after 220 consecutive clean days, Death Star has been broken into and lost everything he owned, relapsed, cleaned up and relapsed then in April 2016 booked into treatment, the project was officially cancelled but it came together on its own, its meant to be, only single to be released was as a video: Deep Dark Depths of Death (check it out below!)

Release date: September 1, 2016


Official Track list :

1.Beautiful ME feat. DJ Trickalome (Prod. Death Star)

2. 6th Sense feat. Trinity & Raf (Prod. Unknown)

3. Let Ya Know feat. Thirstin Howl III & Chron Burgundy (Prod. Aak.Da.God)

4. Everytime U Fall feat. PaceWon & Father Focus Confucius (Prod. Father Focus Confucius)

5. Nature of the Beast feat. Bloody Raw (Prod. Kingpin)

6. Winners Again (Salvation Part 2) (Prod. Death Star)

7. The God Complex feat. The Witness (Prod. Death Star)

8. Deep Dark Depths of Death (Prod. Death Star)

9. Hard Day’s Work feat. Uni-Verse, Nic Blaze & Z3RO (Prod. Uno Da Sypher)

10. I Can’t Handle The Truth feat. The Witness (Prod. Unknown)

11. Life’s A Bitch (Then You Die) feat. BorodaBeat (Prod. BorodaBeat)

12. (Bonus Track) Nobody Writes Like Me (Prod. Death Star) (bonus)

13.(Bonus Track) Schizophrenia Remix feat. Aak.Da.God, Vast Aire, Father Focus Confucius & BorodaBeat (Rmx by BorodaBeat) (bonus)

14. (Bonus Track) Let Ya Know Remix feat. ThirstinHowl III, Chron Burgundy & BorodaBeat (Rmx by BorodaBeat) (bonus)

15 . (Bonus Track) Everytime U Fall Remix feat. PaceWon, Father Focus Confucius & BorodaBeat (Rmx by BorodaBeat) (bonus)

16. Smarts feat. Death Star & Block McCloud – Hand Of God (Prod. BorodaBeat)

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Twitter : @deathstarMC

Instagram : @deathstarDSR

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