Dj Kenni Starr

Bang Ur Head Hip Hop & R&B radio Show with Dj Kenni Starr

Tun in every day 4 to 5 pm US time (10 to 11 Europe time) with Dj Kenni Starr for the Bang Ur Head Hip Hop and R&B mixshow on the International Underground Rap & Hip Hop Connexion!!

Dj Kenni Starr became one of the most famous French DJs recognized for dropping out mixtapes and remixes very regularly.

It is with the R&B series (The Pinky Tape) & Rap series (What The Game Been Missing) that he made his name in the US mixtapes game & he got noticed by the famous international DJ teams « FLEET DJS », « STACK UP DJS », « SCURRY LIFE DJS », « NERVE DJS » where he became the Vice President Executive Assistant of Information, and by « CASHBACKMAFIA », which he joined rapidly. Read more on his artist page on the site! [Link]

LINK TO TUNE IN [Link to the show]