A Redman & Dr. Dre Collaboration? It’s Possible. Redman Speaks

In his extensive, nearly 25-year career, Redman has worked with a plethora of great producers. A protege of EPMD’s Erick Sermon, Red’ would eventually help introduce the masses to Rockwilder. Additionally, the Newark,  New Jersey MC made songs with The Ummah (J Dilla, Q-Tip & Ali Shaheed Muhammad), RZA, and Timbaland & Missy Elliot.

However, one producer that Reggie Noble has yet to work with is Dr. Dre.

Speaking recently to WHO?MAG TV in New Jersey, Redman said that the plans to work with the Aftermath Entertainment founder are part of a lengthy, ongoing conversation:


“Every time I see [Dr.] Dre, he always tells us, ‘Yo, I’ma get you when it’s time.’ I know, whenever—if our careers end up not [collaborating], then we not doing it. But he always gave us that respect, like ‘I’ma get y’all when it’s time.’ So big up to Dre,” said Redman. In 2014, Red’ was one of the many great Hip-Hop artists called upon for a “live mixtape” Beats By Dre event in Los Angeles, California. Speaking about the electronics giant Dre helped launch, Redman continued, “And tell Dre that I got like 100 pair of those Beats By Dre headphones. I’m definitely a supporter; I support those headphones so much that I [had to] get the insurance on them so when I [break them, I can get the next pair] for free.” With his trademark wit, Redman promised to show the Beats boxes to anybody who doubts that he has been a mega-customer.

While Redman and Dr. Dre have not worked together as desired, Redman did work on the remix to “The Set Up” from Obie Trice’s Cheers. Dre and Mike Elizondo produced the original version, featuring the late Nate Dogg. Red’ joined Lloyd Bank and Jadakiss for the extended remix.

In the brief WHO?MAG interview, Redman also recalls his days DJ’ing for DoItAll (of Lords Of The Underground fame). He recalls his short-lived DJ name, “Cut Killer.” Heads will recall the “MTV Cribs” footage that showed Redman’s turntables at home (including some Stones Throw Records break-beats). Of the would-be L.O.T.U.G. front-man, Red’ says the group had dancers and a fully choreographed act. “We was doin’ shows and shit. He was up [on stage] movin’ like [Big Daddy] Kane.” Red added that he remains involved with Do’, care of the 211 Media Group non-profit. “We try to educate these kids to read. ‘Cause if they don’t read, they don’t know.”

Redman’s Mudface album is planned for release next week (November 13). Late last month, Reggie released the video to single “Dope Man.”

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SOURCE: ambrosiaforheads